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Audi Bombshell escort new york
Tour Dates:
Long Island, NY. Sep 26- Oct 2.
Saddle Brook, NJ. Oct 2- 8.
Las Vegas, NV. Nov 8- 18.
Tucson, AZ. Nov 18- 23.
Phoenix, AZ. Nov 23- 28.
$300 for one hour.
$500 for two hours.
Phone: 929 595-4460
Home Base: New York, New York
I specialize in the MILF GFE experience. What makes it amazing is that I truly love it. You can feel the passion and chemistry flowing naturally so much that it feels like we’ve known each other forever.

This will be an experience and memory you can draw off anytime throughout your hectic schedule that will instantly bring a sky smile to your face and maybe a little hitch in your pants!

Scheduling with me is easy peasy. I DO NOT have my phone during appointments for obvious reasons so if I don’t answer that is probably why. I do my best to juggle the many hats that it takes to be safe and successful in this industry. I look forward hearing from you.
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